Forest City Tool is an industry-wide recognized name providing superior quality woodworking tooling since 1890. Discriminating woodworkers everywhere rely on Forest City Tool to meet their exacting demands for industrial woodworking tooling. Forest City Tool products are made with pride in the USA.
Old World Quality - New World Tooling
Wood Tech Enterprises, Inc, is proud to sponsor these catalog offerings online.  We feel that Forest City Tool products are the answer to solve many of your woodworking problems. Our staff of qualified technicians are ready to assist you in getting the right product for your particular application. To find out about additional parts listed in Forest City Tool's printed catalog, please call or email us today.


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Skeffington Mill, Uppingham Road
Skeffington, UK LE7 9YE

Boring Tools  

NEW! Products for the Marine Industry

Self Clean™ HOLE SAW

Quick Change Transon Drill


Three Wing Drill with Quick Change Shank


Flex-A-Bits are designed with maximum flexibility and are available in four head styles for easily drilling in a variety of situations and materials. Popular with alarm, cable, phone installers, electricians and plumbers. Non-slip three flat grip on shank. Fish accommodation holes in both the drill and shank on all heads. Durable powder coat finish.

NEW! Super Feed Stud Buster
Super Wear Steel Screw Shank Dowel Drills 203s.jpg 
Super Wear Steel Screw Shank Dowel Drills w/Extended Shank X203Bs.jpg 
Super Wear Steel Screw Shank Dowell Drills - Short Version X203Js.jpg 
Super Wear Steel Brad Point Spur Machine Drills 
Carbide-Tipped Brad Point Spur Machine Drills Brad200s.jpg 
Counter Bores and Counter Sinks 121s.jpg 
Metric Boring Tools Metric3.jpg 
Brad Point Double Spur Machine Bits 107/150
Solid Center Machine Bits No.155

Multi-Spur No. 149

Carbide-Tipped Multi-Spur Bits No. 149CT

Carbide-Tipped Drills No. 811CT

Carbide-Tipped Drills No. 812CT
Maka Mortise Cutters  
Chisel Bit Maintenance  
Mortising Chisel/Bits 1-27s.jpg 
Golden Eagle Saw Blades with Dyanite Carbide

Forest City Tool Router Bits  
Straight Router Bits 406s.jpg 
Carbide-Tipped Router Bits Roundnoses.jpg 
Solid Carbide Router Bits SC2Flutes.jpg 
Dove Tail Router Bits RHDovetails.jpg 
Edge Forming Router Bits CTRomanOgees.jpg 
Laminate Trimming Router Bits


Hydro-Loc Cutterheads

Straight Bore Cutterheads

Self-Centering Sleeve Cutterheads

CT Cutterheads